Hear our voice

Show me the way to find out how all the stars can shine so bright, with all the fire, no doubt, it can never kill their burning light

Millions of lightyears far away, tell me how can all the warmth still find me here? And in the coldness of this space it makes me feel as if it never disappeared

Hear our voice and listen what we say! Our words will bring consoling light to melt your pain away

Hear our voice, believe our truth you face! Forever we will cover you … you’re not alone these days

In the night we’re calling you from unknown miles away, brighter than the sun we shine to turn night into day

Fill you hearts with open hands and give what you will need, in your head you hear our voice – it’s time to hear it, please …


Am I the only one that is stoned? Why all the people stare and look at me? I feel a sadness, I feel alone. Is it compassion or curiosity for me?

I am faceless, won’t you leave me alone! Kill my traces, ‘cos I will always be the unknown!

And when the sun shines I try to hide. stay in the shadows, you won’t see me outside. Oh, when I’m lonely I can cry out aloud. No-one cares I’ll die!

Feel on my shoulders all this life! Feel I will break if I still hide!  Feel how I drift away, I fly …

I’m not faceless, don’t you leave me alone! Find my traces, ‘cos I don’t want to be the unknown!

At home

Let me guide your eyes in this world I’ll show you, from the highest heights to your darkest dreams. Let us share our minds - that’s the least I owe you Always be around, ever let you down

In the cold I will cover you my whole lifetime … by my side - all I would give for you … lay down …

When you wake at night then my arms wait for you, even though sometimes your whole world seems dark and pale. Then my love will warm you up     And yet the strongest storm I’ll stop … lay down …

Welcome to our place to hide - Welcome at home - Welcome where we are safe, with open arms ... you are not alone

Even though in life you might want to give it somehow up, please take my hand ‘cos it waits for you. Hope that my love will warm you up and yet the strongest storm it stops. Please be thoughtful … lay down …

For a while

Your grace unfolds before me, and in your deepness I see all of the wonders you have saved for me inside and all of your gifts that have enriched my life

You shine, so bright, you changed me and when you gleam then I see all like I have never seen before- that’s why I am so gracious for the time with you

In your eyes there is life and above you blooms the bluish sky. When sometimes the sun hides I’ll break the clouds, enfold you for a while

Hold the moment for a while, clutch it before it passes by Hereafter memory …

The universe you gave me, and in your sageness I see nothing’s eternal, worlds can always fall apart and nothing’s for granted - this I know at heart

And when I cry you hold me, I feel obliged to requite it all - something that you would never call - that’s why I am so gracious for the time with you

Life is much too short

I was too young for life with dreams still in my head. When I did not even know I’m not the only one who’s sad. And my anger hindered all my thoughts to grow. And a thousand times I held my head far too high to know

But in our spinning world our trace stays not unheard - esteem your time ‘cos that’s your only life

All that remains is what you have taught. You’ll know in the end, life is much too short

Beyond my egocentric youth now I believe. Without respect one can’t satisfy the responsibility.  In unity to blow out ways of fire we have paved - so, pocket your pride and then chase heat and grey fume away

Running out of time

The world is lost and pieces that - once bound - are breaking, surrounded by black frost and the walls of our home are shaking

And then we spread it out and in our trace the world is bleeding - we don’t care about it, without doubt ... this path we tread, where is it leading?

Today I recognised the pain in me and for the first time helplessly - too far indeed ... just seconds till the dawn of days … today

In habits paralysed - just like a deer caught in the headlights. I’m a dumb accessory to this crime and I feel ashamed by lack of insight

Hello, darkened sky, do you see me cry? I know that you don’t care of our homes down there. Now I feel so small – do I count at all? Hello darkened sky – let us hope tonight!

If we learn to speak as one under our only sun, we’d be major in this light … say good-bye, darkened sky  

Today, by now no tears have left my eyes - the flood is mounting up inside, no place to hide and now we’re running out of time …

Never say good-bye

In your world you can laugh with me. And though speechless you can talk to me. When you offer me your hand … every single part of you                            … together we stand

Never say good-bye! You live in me, you stay with me                                  Tears won’t close my eyes - I’ll be with you, I swear I’ll do

Hear your voice inside my head, rips my heart away                                    Know that all the words I said will forever stay within me                              Feel your touch but know it’s fake, only black will stay                                   And I cry for each mistake … from now on until the end of days …

Reach Out

In some other place, closer than it seems to you. Far beyond a world that you know. Abandoned and disgraced, surely not yet one of you. But what if such an icy storm grows?

Close your eyes, close your eyes now … take a look inside – what’s it worth? For what will you fight? Close your eyes, close your eyes now … do you fear what you see?

Reach out … for you should know the values we share! It’s time for you to reach out … to part our way will lead us nowhere 

Liberty to choose – mightier than a passing joice. Priceless, never jeopardise it. Unimpeachable truth – in no way a boundless choice. Do not dare to compromise it

Someday might look back and see the world behind you and feel the sadness in your eyes … In this future regret the impact of your last move just because you could not bridge a divide

Someday might regret and see the past behind you. We both know that’s the point of no-return. On this day somehow bitterly you’ll recognise truth. On the brink of your life you might have learned

Look at me

I take your hand and I comfort you, I hear your voice like I always do, still I see your smile in your open eyes

But then I think of those bygone days … of all our joy, how it washed away these years I spent with you, the winter nights … I shared them only with you

Look at me now and follow me - stay where you are and never leave - don’t dare to go, be with me, please, follow me now …

Now that we’re here on the final day … how I am scared, but I feel a gratitude, so blessed with you, our summer nights, I loved them all ... together with you

… all of our years that we shared … all of our life that we lived so long … all of these days that I had with you …

Withered and dried, an antithetic spade - the dam has broken, trapped in a tide of sorely missed but sweet words that we’ve spoken, flickering flood of joy and pain, relief, where will it take me? Shattering heart, a cataclastic stream beyond recovery

Faking a quiet where blustering waves of screams imbue the silence, bitterly blight our once safe world with cruel relentless violence, wages of sin or simply fate - can’t walk this path together - but from within, although it hurts, I’ll shrine our days forever

Black the shade out

Let me bring it down – I’ve got to black the shade out

Try to leave it, try to beat it, yes I try - Try to keep it, try to keep the pain inside - Try to shout out, try as honest as I can - do you see me hide?

Tags of memories, gladness, then a sense of dread - Could not value, could not judge the gift I had - When I feel it, dear me, then it hurts like hell        Now it leaves me sad!

When you come someday to take my pain away -  I hope you’ll shine for me but it’s too dark to see

One last hope

I see my world with fierce insanity, I scream an SOS in agony inside - but what on earth’s the worst atrocity? That not a single word has passed my lips … so quiet

Once again let’s share our light, don’t shed your tears, be by my side. It won’t break you if you’d stay, please do not go away!                                               One last hope to treasure life, be tolerant, forgive, please try - I know it’s hard to say - don’t throw it all away!

Each day I wake up and it makes me sick, just filled with hatred and with brokenness outside. How did it break, how did it come to this? Now far too fragile for a careless word … so quiet

My eyes are wide open

Deep inside I feel we don’t know the world - sometimes I wish we’d fail …

Deep inside I know we deserve the dirt of our self-caused play …

My eyes are wide open, I watch how the clouds roll by and then in the distance, how faintly, awakes the dawning light

My eyes are wide open, I suddenly realise how fragile’s the beauty around us that we should learn to price

Lay your head on me, oh my little boy! Where will it lead us here?

Each day together we should enjoy and forget all our fears …

See the fire how it burns our places down! See how hungry it demolishes our crown!

… it’s like a reassuring flavour, like a familiar noise, this warming breeze, a caressing touch on your skin or just like this one brief smile: so pervasive, so natural, so important - but also transitory and so cold without …

Hear our voice

„Sometimes we feel alone under the stars and we wish they could warm us with their light, speak to us, give us advise and ease our pain or our anger. But are we sure that their soothing words, their promises, their persuasive phrases are leading us the right way?“

Never say good-bye

„To miss something or someone that has always been around is very painful, and the resulting silence is so burdensome, especially when you wasted the opportunity to express how valuable it was for you. But such an intense emotional bond will never cease … some things will stay forever.“

Reach Out

„Values of tolerance and respect for the world and for the people around us should be the bridge to overcome our egocentric nature. To treat others like you want to be treated, to know liberty is not self-evident at all and to recognise its value as well as its limits … don’t wait too long, things might break faster than you think.“


„Even if sometimes it seems that you are isolated, alone and you are convinced that it should stay as it is, eventually you’ll find out that everybody belongs somewhere, needs someone … and finally it’s worth to leave the dark.“

Look at me

„To reach the end of a path we went together with someone we valued most, is so painful, so frightening, but at the same time so gratifying if you’re able to let go. Think of all the good times you had, all the things you gave and shared, instead of remaining stuck in your grief and sorrow.“

At home

„What can be more satisfactory than to be there for somebody who needs you, to guide and give shelter in darkest times, to create a home for your beloved ones? Or simply sit beside your children’s bed and be a soothing voice in the night before they eventually fall asleep …“

For a while

„Be thankful of the time you have, for the things you appreciate, for all the wonders that surrounds you. Cherish the moment, try to find a light in it, as with a blink of an eye present will be past … and the bluish sky might cease to shine on our embosomed ground.“

Black the shade out

„Stuck in the dark, you could finally realise that the warming lights you were so fortunate to have in your past are gone … and all that remains is the hope they might shine for you again sometimes."

One last hope

„We all know that it’s hard to find the right words to express what we feel. Even if we have them on the tip of our tongue, we sometimes wait far too long to speak out, to stand up, to heal … and at some point we realise that time runs out and our last chance to change things has come.“

Life is much too short

„When you get older and wiser, you realise all that matters is what you have transmitted in life, what you created … not alone, but shared and achieved together with all the others you cared about.“

Running out of time

„When in our hearts we realise that the path we took is coming to an end, when we are about to loose everything that is so precious for us and we do not have much time left to change our direction, when resignation is rising, we can only look up to the sky, pray and hope to be able to reunite, vanquish our weaker self and be stronger than the sum of each of us alone.“

My eyes are wide open

„Open up your eyes for the beauty around you, respectfully, admit your faults but also your responsibility for our children … value and use the days you still have with you dearest in the best and most responsible way you can.“

©2024 by Marco Glühmann

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