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Marco Glühmann, vocalist of Hamburg’s Art Rock band Sylvan, will release his first solo album 'A Fragile Present' in June and will open the gate to a musical garden full of stirring songs, emotional melodies and heart-touching lyrics. 

With his unique voice he knows how to capture and embrace the listener with each blossoming note and his compositions are the bedrock of sincere words about the fragility of what we should value most.

A Fragile Present

New album - official release

14th of June 2024



here available as digipak with personal signature


What are the most precious moments in your life? 

What is the purpose of your heart beating? 

What would you miss most painfully if it were no longer there?

Questions for which there are no simple answers. Or are they perhaps very simple, very obvious, if you allow yourself to ask these questions? 

What is really important? Is it the feelings you share and give, the values you convey, the influence you exert, the respect you show? 

Sometimes it's just a question of perspective that opens our eyes: Who would miss you for your own sake? Whose most precious moments did you make possible? Which path have you paved, to whom have you given light? And in what light does the world appear when you accept you are not its center?

The most wonderful moments usually lie in the little things, the things we take for granted, the fragile present that life lends us for a blink of an eye - if only we could recognise it, appreciate its value, treat it with the deserved respect, pass it on and preserve it ... at least as long as it is entrusted to us.



“Do not dream of possession of what you do not have, rather reflect on the greatest blessings in what you do have, and on their account remind yourself how much they would have been missed if they were not there.”  

                Marcus Aurelius





Tour with Blind Ego in November 2024

20.11.2024   Logo - Hamburg

21.11.2024   Poppodium Boerderij - Zoetermeer

22.11.2024   Das Rind - Rüsselsheim

23.11.2024   Lindenkeller - Freising

24.11.2024   Zentrum Altenberg - Oberhausen

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